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conscious culture change 

Our Story

The Conscious Culture Collective is a catalyst group of inter -disciplinary and sectoral social innovators & entrepreneurs committed to conscious modes of human engagement and developing new systems & organisational models. Each member is part of a broader network in their areas of specialisation which makes for an intersectional reflection that harnesses the superdiversity needed in our work.

 They are an advisory group, think tankas well as practitioners offering services using different disciplines to work on products, services, groups, teams, organisations and communities as well as robust dialogue on societal, global and workplace challenges of our time to build an inclusive future for us all. 

They are changing the workplace, society and the world through the broad inclusion lens where communication, data tech & systems, meets brand, psychology, justice, accountability, for teams, workplace cultures and a participatory democracy.


They dont aspire to change, they are the change.


Meet The Team

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