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firestarter productions


At Firestarter we facilitate gatherings and dialogue and work on independent projects. In a co-created process engage, design and build an experience. We bring personal and professional experiences into a safe space as catalysts for workplace changes, community, social justice and equality. Firestarter partners come from different places, creative and other backgrounds and create experiences that allow us to engage on a deeper level, listen, exchange and understand ourselves community and work.

Cultural and other creative expression allow us to examine a subject, cause or experience in a unique way. Mandela said that sport has a power to unite but in fact he also inspired many writers, poets, visual, film & performing artists to unpack issues in other forms.

It's time to do things differently! Inclusion and Leadership is the base in which it allows all of us to thrive

Get in touch if you would like to collaborate.




Creative Immersion | organisations & community 

Creativity is at the heart of the authentic self and most cultures within our societies, community and work use artistic expression or creativity to share and expand experience or solve issues to explore innovation. Creativity can be a conscious or unconscious driver of change. This can be within a performance, project or space. We work in partnership to design a journey as a medium to explore, move minds and achieve a collective goal


Dialogue and exchange | inclusive culture

Dialogue and exchange on personal, team or professional experiences bind us. Acts of inclusion, leadership awareness, skills in intercultural humility and understanding forms of discrimination as barriers to equity and equality is part of the foundations of safe spaces and organisational culture where we are all not welcomed and participating but offering value and being treated with dignity. Training, dialogue and advisory - 

African Masai in Traditional Dress

Group sessions 

Team or community events and sessions can be designed with a specific theme and held in remote, private, social or organisational settings. Merging groups and teams creates an unusual experience and group journey as one.

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